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All our miniatures have been carefully selected for the conformation, movement, beauty and temperament. We have created them a beautiful stud, located in Buckinghamshire that sits up proudly on the brow of a hill next to lakes and woods.

There is air of tranquillity that all horses and people enjoy that provides a calm relaxing retreat environment. We also have direct access to miles of bridleways which allows the horses the opportunity to improve their fitness by going for long walks. This is especially important for our young stock, who only require gentle exercise. We treat our miniatures as we do our big horses and carefully balance their fitness and muscle development inline with their physical growth and mental maturity.

Ribbons Stud has been carefully designed for our miniature horses. Our stables we designed to ensure that our miniatures are safe and secure and of course happy. Each stable offers lowered stables doors, with a top stable door in the rear to improve circulation during the warmer months. The foaling boxes are very spacious and offer infra-red cctv which we can monitor 24 hours a day even when we are going about our yard duties through our mobile phones. Each foaling box has professionally designed heaters to ensure that the foals that are born in the colder months do not catch a chill. Our foaling boxes also offer hay bars to stop the risk of injury through haynets. We even have a miniature foal resuscitation kit on site.

Being lucky enough to live on site means we can offer immediate responses to any challenges that ever arise. Our premises are completely secured with Alarms as well as CCTV. This gives us peace of mind, but also offers owners of liveries or visiting horses that we will take the best care of your miniature friends. Each equine visitor is treated as one of our own which includes lots of regular cuddles.

Our paddocks have been fenced with 4 post and rails as opposed to two for larger horse, to minimise the risk of injury. We have recently completed a large fencing project which has created us a track to access all our paddocks safely and it has also allowed access directly to the woods and public bridleways. We have a tack room offering all modern facilities as well as hot water and have a designated wash down area with a hippo horse shower and heaters.

We are conveniently located in a central location off the M1

HOT OF THE PRESS 2015 – We have just completed a new American Barn stabling block, this block will be purposely used for visiting broodmares and foaling.

Recent Achievements

Four qualified for RIHS 2014! Scott Creek Monarch Red Graffiti, Ribbons Hidden Jewel, Scott Creek Call Girl Dot Com and Dayhills Travelling Techicolour
Scott Creek Monarch Red Graffiti Champion at RIHS 2013 wins both his classes then goes champion
First foal has arrived. A gorgeous colt sold before he was a day old
Excitedly awaiting Scott Creek Monarch Red Graffiti’s first foals
Scott Creek Monarch Red now standing at Public Stud for the first time AMHA/ BMHS

Our Goals and Ambitions

Importing some of the finest US breedlines, we believe, will give us the edge in this up and coming class.
Ribbons Stud
Using our experience to guide others to fulfil their dreams an aspirations.
Ribbons Stud
Breeding for the best the sport can get.
Ribbons Stud